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120mg is an extremely high dose... people usually panic when they hear I'm on 60mg.

I also have hashimoto's, gluten intolerance (e.g. positive bloodwork but negative biopsy therefore not celiac, but perh. latent), and barely-measurable adrenal levels via saliva test (2005). No anti-adrenal antibodies for me, however. I also had well below range neurotransmitters and most hormones (although maybe not a factor here). So... similarities, but important differences as well. I began responding to Hydrocortisone (compounded in my case) at about 25mg but was not reasonably-managed until 60mg/day. No moon face here, even at that level for several years. My MD was very cautious in taking me past even 20mg, but I am apparently malabsorbing because I had to take 2-6x normal doses of hormones and high thyroid to get those into normal lab ranges.

Any level that takes you to the moon face stage is probably too much. That indicates to me (non-medical professional!) that you're absorbing it, at least at that level, even though it doesn't seem to be addressing your fatigue.

Is your celiac under control? I've been on another celiac list for about 5 years and because of my fatigue issues have been eating very strictly gluten-free, so as not to give my body reason to get out of whack... i.e. although I'm only gluten-intolerant, I am well-informed on celiac. Have you been fully compliant with that? Even with sources of hidden gluten?

Some other things she and another MD tried for me... reverse T3 thyroid, in the opinon of some (i.e. controversial), blocks the body's formation of T3 from T4. Taking T3 only (compounded, time-release) helped me some. There is a blood test for reverse T3 that your MD could order.

If he hasn't already, your MD might check your hormone and neurotransmitter levels. I don't know that any are very directly related to fatigue, but my MD told me, for example that it was the pregnenolone supplementation that got rid of my severe brain fog.

Kmatthew's suggestion of florinef might be helpful, especially if you have low blood pressure and have blackouts or "grayouts" after standing up, turning your head or otherwise changing posture. If your BP is normal, and you're not experiencing that postural hypotension, you'd want to be cautious adding it, though.

Please be sure you get enough rest! And if you're able to exercise at some point, take it slowly, or you'll relapse.

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