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I'm brand new to this forum. I have adrenal antibodies, hashimoto's, celiac disease, a saliva test for adrenals showed depressed all levels. So pretty much, my adrenals are failing big time.
I have been to doctor to doctor for the past few years. Many focused on thyroid - many combos, increasing/decreasing etc. but I never felt better. I realized that I needed to address adrenals.

One doctor started me on 20, then 30, then 40.... nothing. Like taking a sugar pill. Then switched me to 6mg medrol - still nothing. Then added 20mg HC to the medrol - nothing. Oh my.

Found a new doc who was willing to go all out with me. Wants HC to work. Allowed me to keep increasing - up to 100mg a day. Still nothing. Unbelievable to me - so frustrating. He says I'm cortisol resistant. Maybe I have a toxic liver or malabsorption due to celiac's.

So no improvement in the extreme exhaustion/fatigue. I can't even function.

He had me try 200mg just to see. I stayed there only a few days because I became shaky (hyperthyroid I think). Went down to 150 for a few days, then 130 and then I developed a moon face/swelling. Obviously something finally kicked in for the worst.

He had me go back to 80 and now I'm at 120 holding for 2 weeks. Now my blood sugars are running high and BP slightly elevated.

I talk with him next week. How can I not feel any good from the HC, but now only bad? I want to try a different steroid like prednisone. I know HC is the best, but something is wrong with me and it doesn't do a thing.

Any advice/suggestions/ would be greatly appreciated!

What am I missing here? I've been on HC now almost a year and it isn't helping.

Thank you!!

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