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i was on med for hyperthyroid and also hrt years back-before the dr visit i felt hypo thyroid but that changed.
I was able to sleep again after going on the hrt. Later I was tested and told now i am hypothyroid-altho I didn't feel that way, and was also off the hrt by then I didn't feel i needed it.
In the meantime I am diagnosed as having pleva(a skin condition) and have been on a lot of different meds to see if it would help and none did.
I am not currently on anything-but I wonder about adrenal fatigue-
I have hyperpigmentation but it is in weird spots-i don't look tan all over-it is more like where my bra straps rub and the top part of my back, areas of my neck and a couple areas of my gums.
These are areas that don't get sun if ever.
I have very much fatigue and also last couple weeks, since my fatigue has been worse, ringing? (not sure its really ringing) in ears, feel like they are plugged or something.
I wake up tired and tired most of the day. I can sometime go for a walk and i feel ok walking my dog.
I forgot to add, my skin is extremely dry-so I drink a lot of water, but i do add some sea salt after reading some here and there, I also urinate a lot.
But my skin being so dry concerns me a lot. Lotions don't do much at all.
Is there any kind of test I could do at home?
Is it possible I have adrenal fatigue-I don't think my dr would just test me for this, and i don't have regular insurance anymore as I haven't been working for over 6months, but i have medicaid and think if i would go to the dr if i could give him something concrete that he might be willing to either order tests or refer me.
Oh I have also had about 4 bouts of terrible pain in my lower chest area-one time i went to ER, but ended up walking out as they wanted me to stay for hours testing blood etc, but I was not having a heart attack. I don't know if this is related in any way.
I just don't know what to do-but I have no energy and need help

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