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hi, i am 31 F, mother, wife, and newly dx with secondary adrenal insufficiency, severe fibromyalgia, cfs and am borderline hemophilia.... have had many adrenal crises go undiagnosed thru ER's this year, and finally have a dx to rely on in the future.

i am on cortef and florinef... started on cortef 30 mg a day, florinef .5 mg a day.... just NOW have been increased to cortef 60 mg a day and florinef .5 a day because i have been experiencing extreme fatigue still, nausea vomiting, memory probs and pain. but, i am swollen this morning (face, feet, hands, belly) and uncomfortable to say the least. is this going to be everyday? wow.

i am also on lyrica 175 mg, cymbalta 60 mg, b12, dhea, calcium, vit d, and tylenol as needed.

i have no energy. none. when i was finally checked for cortisol ald levels months ago, they were non detectable. i feel i have not had any help in symptoms yet? i exercise a little bit everyday; trying yoga and streching mostly. i used to be an avid workout girl. i am 5'4, 120 pounds (was 103 pounds before meds started). i would jog 6 miles a day before this all happened.

depression is starting to sink in. i have not been able to work since october 2008, and was just becoming well-known in my career. i am filing for disability now; but have heard horror stories about how long it can take, if you even qualify.

any help, opinions, personal stories, disability stories, fatigue issue help----ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING, please, would brighten my dreary days. i am struggling with bills, and with being a mother to a 9 year old boy, and my husband works out of state all week; when he is finally home on the weekends i feel we are in a different place now....he tries but does not understand my mood.

please help with any advice or encouragement ~~ i thank you so much in advance.

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