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Hi all--I am 43 yrs old female. Feb 08 I started having heart palpitations and anxiety. I have since had episodes of weakness, dizziness when standing, very cold all the time, low blood pressure 80/50 is typical, diarrhea and have lost 20 lbs. I have hyperpigmation on my face and arms and back. I have be hospitalized 2 times and had blood work done but all is normal.

There are days I fell great for a week or two then boom, it will hit me with all the above for about a week and then good again.

My mother has had Hashimotos as well as her mother and everyone on her side of the family. My father had a pituitary tumor and now thyroid issues.

I went to an endo doc and he did blood work which he says is normal and referred me to a physiatrist. My gen pract doc has done TSH, FSH, and other blood work but says it is normal.

My TSH changes drastically monthly. From 3.80 to .14 and will fall in the middle. But this is normal per the doc's.

Does this sound like Addisonís? Never had the ACTH test or any x-rays or scans, just tsh type blood work.

Thanks for you help

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