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Hello all. I'm usually on the thyroid board since I have thyroid disease (Hashi's), but I recently am seeing a new doctor who was kind enough to do a string of tests including some adrenal testing which included a saliva cortisol test (one I have never done). I can't get in to see him for another two weeks, but he did fax my test results to me and I noticed even though my blood cortisol was fine my saliva cortisol seemed a little low along with some other Adrenal hormones. If anyone could comment on these results I would appreciate it.
Here are some of my results:

Cortisol Saliva tests:
8 am 0.09 (0.04-.56)
4 pm 0.07 (0.04-.15)
11pm 0.04 (0.04-.09)

now I noticed these are all in range but compared to my blood Cortisol (am)
19.2 (4.0-22) these seem very low?

Aldosterone/PRA 3.6 (1.5-18.2)
Aldosterone LC/MS/NS 5 (3-28)
Plasma Renin Activity 1.4 (0.65-5.8)

these seem a little low too, but not sure if I should be concerned.

I have been feeling extremely tired lately, headaches, sinus infections, no energy after working out (if I even feel like it), just hard to get going all day long, etc.... thought maybe my thyroid was off, but all looks good there.

Anyway any comments or suggestions would be helpful, thanks

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