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[QUOTE=chelseama;4008145]I have joint pain; toes, knees and fingers, nausea, loss of appetite, fatigue, low blood pressure, drops when standing.
All of these symptoms come and go
I feel fine for a few weeks and then boom I feel bad again
My eyelids are bronze, looks like I'm wearing brown eyeshadow
Pigmentation around both armpits
I am very fair so the discoloration looks like a dirty ring
I certainly do not look tan

My primary gave me a ACTH test back in Feb and it came back negative
Test was given around or after 10am, I drank coffee in between the blood draws and am on birth control pills
Can any of these factors influence results?

I just got back from Dr and she is referring me to a neurology/neuromuscular

Has anyone else had the bronzing of the eyelids?
My doc says this is not a symptom nor did she think the pigmentation around armpits was signficant

I would appreciate any and all feedback as I feel like I am going crazy and wasting my time going to a neurology appt

I am sorry to tell you this but hyper pimentation is definately a sign, my son has very dark skin and in the skin creases and folds they are very dark yet our entire family is very fair skin. you need to see an endocrinologist unfortunately most doctors have no clue as to what Addisons is so just brush you off and say nope you don't have that. Because of the hyperpigmentation and soem of your other symptoms I would look for an endocrinologist now. I don't mean to frighten you or upset you but believe me after 10 years of doing this i have figured out one thing, some Doctors let their pride stand in the way of treating their patient for fear of saying "I don't know" because they don't want to look dumb. NOT A COOL MOVE.

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