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please do not try and go on prednisone it is four times stronger with lots more side effects than hydrocort. im trying to get back to hydrocort because did not have joint pain on this. steroids are so dangerous and there are ways to restore your adrenal glands without high doses. i found this out later of course. If there is a nuturopath familiar with adrenal insufficiency in your area look into it. vitamins and licorice root and adrenal glandulars are safer ways to treat this. traditional medical docs go staright for the steroids it will make u feel great for AWHILE LONGER U ARE ON THEM WORSE SIDE EFFECTS GET ESPECIALLY WITH PRED. stay away from pred and try the hydrocortisone and maybe have them add fludrocortisone to you if u are craving salt. if u go on pred you can damage your adrenals worse i found out the hard way with it was a PA not asking me more questiions about my history. he should have restarted hydrocortisone I had gone off of not knowing could send me into crisis. so i went in with severe pain all over body low bp etc he should have restarted hydrocortisone not pred. It was a rheumatology office and they love steroids. stay away from them rheumatologist. just please head my advice and give hydrocort some time and maybe have your aldosterone levels checked did they even do that i doubt it. if you add aldosterone in small doses this can raise BP and help u feel better without going to the pred. its poison. Look for a naturopath but make sure they know about adrenal fatigue. There is a book called Adrenal Fatigue the 21st century syndrome by Dr. james wilson im a skeptic not one to jump on band wagons but after i read it. i was like this has been my life. Take some of the stories with a grain of salt but majority of book very informative about this disease. or go to his website i think its [COLOR="Blue"]* link to commercial website removed by hb-mod, moderator * [/COLOR] Dr. James wilson he has alot of info on there he deicated his whole life to researching the adrenal glands. I just wish i had had book before rheumatologist put me on pred. good luck i hope this helps i just dont want anyone to suffer like I have if I can help it. take care and hang in there angie

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