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Hi, thanks everyone! I'm definitely taking all of your suggestions and advice to heart. I have the appointment with a neurologist on Monday, and I think I'll ask if he can refer me to an endocrinologist since I'm sure he might agree that he's likely not the person for me to see. If not, then I see my regular doctor on Thursday as well, so I'll bring it up again for sure. I'll also ask my nurse while she's taking my blood pressure to check it after I stand, just to try to get that a bit numeralized and brought to attention.

I have a question on this hyperpigmentation thing. Of course now I'm looking for symptoms so this comes to mind, but I feel like it could be normal. One sign is darker knuckles, right? Like, how much darker? My knuckles are indeed darker than the rest of my fingers, and when I've looked at other people's hands theirs seem to be a pretty uniform color, but it's also not the hugest shade difference for me and I don't want to look hypochondriac by asking a doctor and it be completely normal. That along with the fact that my nipples have turned brown, but from what I read the Addison's symptom is the areola turning brown, not so much the nipple itself. Maybe that doesn't make a difference, maybe it does... can anyone shed some light on this subject?

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