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I went to my doctor a couple months ago suspecting that I had either hypothyroidism, an adrenal problem, or anemia. After a few tests, we found that my TSH is great (1.0), I believe it was a hemoglobin test that ruled out anemia, and he wasn't interested in any adrenal consideration. A CT scan was done on my brain and it came out fine. He's now set me up for an appointment with a neurologist in August, but I have a hard time believing that's the best specialist for me to see. I strongly feel like there's a hormonal issue going on.

Here are my symptoms:
Fatigue (constantly)
Loss of appetite
Acne (on my back, never had it there before)
Cold extremeties
Depression and anxiety (had it before, but worsened)
Low blood pressure (usually between 85/60 and 100/70, but can be higher)
Light-headedness upon standing
Light-headedness after periods of standing (randomly, although happens often when it's hot)
Daily headaches (always after napping but otherwise no other apparent cause)
Dry skin
Hair loss
Memory loss/brain fog
Decreased libido
Frequent UTIs
Nipples have recently turned brown in the center?

(Sorry for the seemingly long list, just wanted to make sure I covered everything!)

Because headaches were my main symptom, that's what my doctor was focusing on. He did start me on an antidepressant which I recently found out is also a migraine preventative. My headaches have mostly gone away, but now they do sometimes only accompany the light-headedness. Now it's the light-headed feeling that bothers me most.

I am also fairly certain that I had postpartum thyroiditis a couple years ago but had no insurance to see a doctor for confirmation. That's fine now though.

So am I crazy in thinking this could be adrenal related? Is there anything else that could follow these symptoms? Thanks!

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