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Can anyone help me?? I have just ben diagnosed with addisons this week and was told i have complete adreanal failure, My doctor tells me, he thinks i have more going on than just addisons disease aswell..but my endrocologist cant see me for at least another 8 weeks as he is to busy. I have been told they want me in hospital asap, but due to the lack of beds and staff, this is not possible at the moment and i will have to wait till 28th of august before anyone can see me.

Has anyone had to wait this long,before they saw there endro consultant?? As i have been sent home from hospital with just my medication and no information about the disease at all. My GP tells me he does'nt know a thing about addisons and he also said he does'nt even know when he should send me into hospital. My life is in his hands, and he gives me no confidence in the way he is treating me, so i am very scared... Has anyone else had these sort of problems too????
I am in the process of tring to find a new GP...

I have sevear tremors and shakes in both my arms, hands and legs, I have constant lower back, neck, leg, shoulder pain and i am finding it hard to walk unadided at the moment, i am also extremly tierd all the time and pass out and collapse every day,my BP when i was in hospital last week was ranging between 80/24 and 90/50 i am so scared, as no one is telling me anythink apart from i must stay on the steroid medication or it can kill me.(And i hate this medication, all i seem to do is cry all day, i must admitt this is getting better each day tho) i have also been told i have a small ovarian cyst about 3cm but an elevated ca125 level which could indicate a tumer, I am now awaiting another scan for this In the last 6 months i have had pheumonia in the left lung an infection in the right lung and i also had a P.E bloodclot in the lung,endriometriosis and IBS. The doctors have told me i have not got any nurological problems but they cant explaine why i am having troulble walking and why i have extremely bad tremors and shakes all over, but mainly in my legs, and arms, i also have have numb hands, they shake too , but some days are better than others, I don't no why...
Also i have been suffering with indigestion, nausia, ice cream headaches just in my forehead, feeling lightheaded,confused most of the day and my memory is awfull.
The doctorsand consultants just tell me i will get better in time, and that i need to see an endriocologist, as they dont know what is wrong with me and that the addisons disease is completely over there heads medication for addisons is 20mg of hydrocortisone and 100 microgrames of fludoritisone a day.
PLEASE CAN ANYONE HELP, as i am so scared and feel so alone . I am a 38 year old lady tring to bring up to young boys on my own.and i am finding each day so hard..I hope someone can help as i feel so alone. the hardest thing for me was every one was saying it was all in my head and i needed to see a shrink. but now i have been diagnosed they tell me i dont need to see one anyone.
At least now i know i am not going mad :)

The doctors have just told me that they believe i may be suffering with lymes disease aswell, this makes so much sense as i have had the bulls eye rash in october, my condition has got so much worse since they put me on the steriods.
Does anyone know if it is true that steriods, can make the lymes disease twice as bad? this scares the hell out of me as i cannot come of the steroids because of the addisons disease.
does anyone know how hard it is to get rid of the lymes disease once it has started to hit the nervouse system?? is it curable?? how long will it take to get better or will i get better completly, seeing how i am in tyhe later stages of the disease??

I also just done the canadian lymes test, and was so shocked as i scored:
53 out of the 76 symptoms, now i am worried.
PLEASE HELP ................................................................
[QUOTE=Maremma;4034429]Are you on any antibiotics for the suspected lyme disease? Please get aggressive with trying to get on at least oral doxycycline until they can get you a bed at the hospital. You are in a very dangerous situation. If you are to sick to put up a fight get a family member to do it for you. It is THAT imperative. Lyme disease CAN kill.

If you just got bit in October there is still hope you can get rid of it but you are going to need to be put on IV rocefin with a lot of supportive care to do it. Please do as much research on lyme disease as possible. Most doctors aren't very educated on it.[/QUOTE]

Hi, to be honest i had a rash about 4years ago all over my body, which they thought was ringworm, it took about 5 weeks to clear it up.
In november 08, the bull's eye rash first appeared it was about the size of my hand in the end, it was on my lower right leg,to think of it that part of my leg always hurts still, and i don't know why. thats when my health got really bad and i started to become very ill indeed, and have been going down hill fast ever since.

I am not on any antiobotics now, but about 5 weeks ago i was on amoxoiline antiobotics 500g, for 7days because of a chest infection, i felt ok for a while, but since coming of them, i have started to feel very ill againand i am having new symptoms. like i said, i have been passing out completely, the last few days, and over the last day and a half i have also been suffering with very bad stomach aches, cramps and the runs, now i am staring to feel very sick too but i am not vomiting yet, have came close to it thou.

Your right i am feeling to poorly to try and fight for my cause and i hate making a pain of myself as i am a quite lady and i dont like making a fuss, but the way i feel and how scared i am right now, i must start shouting and making myself heard. if i am still like this on monday morning, then i am going to A&E, and i wont leave until they addmit me and find me a bed.
I am so frightened as i feel my life is in there hands and its in real danger, if they dont get to the bottom of this a soon i dont think i will make it ,and the doctors are going at a snails pace, and i can't seem to make them work any faster. I feel i have know where to turn ,so its good that i found this website as it really has helped me, so thankyou kindly for replying to my letter:confused:

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