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I was reading a lot of strings here and saw that someone was put in the hospital with a BP of 80/50 and that six doctors had to monitor them overnight. I am now thinking I may be sicker than I either realized or more likely refused to believe.

I have been struggling with hypoglycemia and low blood pressures along with a host of other crap. Recently my blood pressure had been dropping even lower and has begun to concern me. It is causing pain in my heart area when I push my luck and it is real low.
This past morning I could barely get up and was very confused. I couldn't remember where I was or what was going on.(I forgot to set the alarm to get myself up after 4 hours of sleep to drink more gatoraid and eat some peanuts) My blood pressure was 63/47 once I became coherent enough to check it.
I have been delibrately eating a lot of salt and drinking a lot of gatoraid trying to get my blood pressure up. It seemed to help somewhat there for a while but it doesn't seem to be as effective the past few days. Work is a nightmare right now and I am in tears by the time my shift ends from shear exhaustion and pain.

I never call off work but I actually may have to tomorrow.I just feel that weak and expect tomorrow to be worse than today. The more days I work in a row the worse I get. By the time I get a day off I am so exhausted I do the bare minimum at home and either sleep or have to at least lay around most of the day.

After reading so much here I have come to the conclusion I better get tested for addisons. I need to know exactly what tests I should ask my doctor to do as I can't afford to waste money on any unecessary tests. My husband has lost his job and things have become even nastier financially for us. My family doctor will understand this and only do what I specifically ask for.

Also, if this truely is my problem and I get started on steroids, how long will it take to make me stronger again? I am starting school in September and will also have to work. I am very concerned about being physically able to pull it off but really have no other options.

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