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Hello out there. I'm new here. Have some confusing results and have to wait 3 weeks before I can see my endo again. Can anyone out there help? I know of course I'll have to wait until I see the doc to know what's going on, just looking for what this it [I]could [/I]mean so I can read up... I work in the medical field so I'm fairly knowledgable, but this is pretty complicated.

I've had fatigue, hair loss, salt craving, marked lightheadedness/pre-syncope, amenorrhea, and low blood pressure. [B]My initial (random) cortisol was normal at 9 (norm 5-23). On a stimulation test, my ACTH was only 5 (norm <10) and my cortisol stim'd from 9 to 15, so didn't quite double. [/B]Endo put me on hydrocortisone and ordered a [B]brain/pituitary MRI, which came back normal[/B]. The on-call endo actually called and put me on 20 mg hydrocortisone morning and 10 mg at night, but my personal endo called back a week later to say that dose was too high and to cut it in half. I actually felt much better on the first dose lightheadedness-wise.

Just over the phone prior to the MRI, the endo said it looked like secondary adrenal insufficiency and not Addison's, but I don't understand after researching why the cortisol after being stimulated would still be on the low side. Shouldn't it be high in secondary adrenal insuf? And why would I crave salt with secondary? It's not slight salt craving--I literally eat spoonful upon spoonful (which she said was OK to do) and have very low blood pressure (90/56 lowest recorded). And what could be causing it with the normal MRI? I have taken prednisone in the past, but not for many years and only a short (one week) course for asthma. Can prednisone permanently damage things? Never really had any major bleeding or head injuries...

I'm a 29-yo female and also have hypothyroidism, had autoimmune thyroiditis, and my daughter has growth hormone deficiency...

Is it possible to have both an Addison's problem and secondary adrenal insufficiency or do these labs point to something else entirely?

Anyone else with results like this or know what it could mean? Thanks a bunch! :)

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