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I am hypothyroid and have hashimotos....which lead me to....

Crisis #1

is what brought me to these boards...I was getting very weak and felt like I might pass out, plus feeling like I had low blood sugar and/or low blood pressure (both were always normal), dizziness, no appetite.

which led me to my doctor and my TSH had gone up a bit so she suggested increase my synthroid. Which led to.....

Crisis #2

Extreme anxiety, heart pounding, sweating, no appetite, can't sleep, panic attacks, depression, crying.

So I was advised to take the adrenal saliva test (I took the tests during crisis 2, not 1) here is my results. It appears I am only low at night. What does that mean? Also my female hormones are low. I am 47.

Any suggestions??

Estradiol (saliva) 1.1L pg/ml 1.3-3.3 Premenopausal (Luteal)
Progesterone (saliva) 27L pg/ml 75-270 Premenopausal (Luteal)
Ratio: Pg/E2 (saliva) 25L Optimal: 100-500 when E2 1.3-3.3 pg/ml
Testosterone (saliva) 19 pg/ml 16-55 (Age Dependent)
DHEAS (saliva) 5.8 ng/ml 2-23 (Age Dependent)
Cortisol Morning (saliva) 9.1 ng/ml 3.7-9.5
Cortisol Noon (saliva) 2.1 ng/ml 1.2-3.0
Cortisol Evening (saliva) 1.6 ng/ml 0.6-1.9
Cortisol Night (saliva) 0.3L ng/ml 0.4-1.0
I don't know how accurate saliva tests are, but you do have the symptoms of low cortisol. However, usually the heart pounding symptoms is related to low cortisol AND low thyroid at the same time.

I would take the next step and have blood tests. Unfortunately you can only diagnose low cortisol using a provocative test.

You should also have your prolactin tested to try to rule out a pituitary problem.

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