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Hi All,

I'm new here but have been reading alot.

I just posted a thread on the Thyroid board as well so if you want to know more about my symptoms before you reply here please read that.

I just had an ACTH Stimulation Test yesterday August 14 and would like your opinions on the results.

I thought for sure I had Addison's, have all the symptoms except for the hyperpigmentation. Now I'm leaning more towards secondary???

I had a Cortisol test back on July 17th. AM draw at 8AM fasting my reading was 6.0 ug/dl reference range 4-23.

So the ACTH Stim Test my Endo ordered:

Base level drawn at 7:55AM, fasting was 9.8 ug/dl
30 minute draw was 21.6 ug/dl
60 minute draw was 24.8 ug/dl

Sorry the base ACTH level is still pending with the lab.

From these results I'm nervous about the reaction from my Endo. He seems to be good, has ordered tons of tests. But he's hard headed and opinionated and what he says is golden, you all know the type I'm sure.

So from these results does anyone have anything to share with me???

Wanted to add: I don't know whether they did the low dose or high dose test. This test was done at an infusion center away from my Endo's office. They hooked up the IV, let it drip for 5 minutes then got the synthetic hormone which was a teeny tiny vial stopped the IV drip and did an IV push straight into my catheter with the entire vial of hormone, which was 2 ML's I think. Does this all sound like it was done right?

A couple hours after the test I felt better, had a headache, but I actually had energy for the rest of the day. Today I feel gross again.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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