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I am having an EXTREMELY difficult time trying to get my medication right. When I was first diagnosed 3 years ago, I started on Hydrocortisone and did relatively okay on this for the first two years. Then I started to wake up in the middle of the night in "steroid withdrawal", or very low cortisol - sick, nauseous, etc. I lived with this for awhile but it was greatly interfering with a decent night's rest which led to all sorts of other problems, etc. Mainly effected how I felt when I would try to get up for the day....felt RUN OVER, etc. Ended up losing my job because of this,etc. So my doc and I decided to switch my med from Hydrocortisone to Prednisone because Prednisone stays in your body longer. Okay - so the Prednisone definitely lasts longer but I'm still having a rough time. I used to take my last dose between 8 and 9pm and was waking up by 5am needing cortisol. So I started to take the last dose around 10pm, which gets me through to 6am. The problem is that I have a difficult time getting to sleep after taking the prednisone at 10. I only take 1.5 mg which I don't think is too much.... since I'm still waking up 8 hours later in need.
Bottom line - I'm having a very very hard time sleeping... can't get to sleep, then wake up a lot throughout the night to go to the bathroom,etc. Then I wake up like clock work at 6 feeling ick, needing cortisol, etc.
Seems like I'm doing something wrong here... and my doc doesn't have much input. I've seen every endocrinologist in my area. They're all pretty "clueless" about Addison's.
If anyone is reading this who lives in or near San Jose, Ca. and has a good Endo..... I would love to hear.

Thank you in advance for anything anyone can share....

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