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Im 16 years old and was diagnosed with addisons when i was 8 and i was just wondering if hyrdocourtisone and fludrocourtisone have any bad side effects like depresssion weight gain and chubby cheeks or anything else? Are there any side effects that could be caused by the steroids? I've been on them so long I forget what it was like before and so I'm not sure what is to do with the addisons and the pills and what is natural. Also wondering if I'll be able to safely give birth one day and if pregnancy is rated "high risk" for addisonians. I've tried researching but found alot of contradictive material. Some said it was totally fine as long as it was monitored, while others said it would be safer to adopt because the risks were too high and advised against any attempts to become pregnant. What effect would it have on the baby?

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