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When I was pregnant with my son, I threw lots of blood clots..All undiagnosed until right before emergency c-section. At around 22 weeks preggo, I stopped eating and suddenly had severe back and upper leg pain. So severe, I laid in the floor on a foam mattress for weeks, and took Tylenol with codeine around the clock for 3 weeks. I literally could not move or eat. Even after going to my OB, he said it was just uterine ligament pain and it was okay that I wasn't eating much because I wasn't small to begin with. He told me to drink ginger ale for the nausa. Well at about 35 weeks, I went in and told him they had to put me in the hospital, I couldn't do it anymore. Finally they discovered that I had a blood clot in my leg and that my kidneys were blocked. I became delirious and a couple weeks later they did emergency c-section. My bowel had been perforated for at least a week (while I was in the hospital). Literally, I had been slowly dying while pregnant, completely malnourished. Seth weighted 4 pounds 5 ounces, and healthy. After 2 hours of working to get him out, they discovered that my liver was turning colors. After that, it really got bad. I went on a vent, coma, with kidneys (had dialysis), and bone marrow and liver shut down. They determined that I had Acute Fatty LIver of Pregnancy..So after 80 days in the hospital, I came home still not able to use limbs, the muscle atrophy was tremendous. I couldn't walk for passing out, either

Finally, I mentioned to the endo about my passing out..And finally they determined by adrenals were not functioning. So that endo speculates that what I had during pregnancy was a blood clot that went to the adrenal gland and stroked it out. After reading about adrenal crisis, I am almost certain, that is what I was experiencing during pregnancy. My lastest endo says I couldn't have went in to crisis because I wouldn't have made it..I can't get him to understand that I was as close to death as I could get during and after my preg.

So after 3 years, I am feeling a little overwhelmed. Health wise, I am doing great by the grace of God. But I have been so anxious, and I just do not handle stress the way I used to. Even things that shoudn't really matter. None of the endo have explained the implications of primary adrenal insufficiency. I am just now understanding that there may be a reason I am not handling things like I used to. I take flurinef and 30mg of Cortef. We have moved twice, I have gone back to work, my husband has changed jobs, and we are currently trying to get our surrogate preg with our left over embryos..So a little stress! So does the medicine work like the real hormones? Is it normal to feel like you are going crazy a little bit? And the weight gain..ugh..I wasn't small before but I just keep gaining! I have recently started wellbutrin....Any stories you could share, advice, would be greatly appreciated...

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