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Hi everyone! Thanks for all the great info you have provided here. I am a little frustrated because I am convinced I have something going on with my adrenals/pituitary and feel like my endocriniologists have overlooked the significance of my symptoms and labs over the years. I hope that someone here can please tell me I am not crazy and that I should pursue this further. I will just basically list my symptoms/diagnoses and recent labs and if you could help me with your opinions I would greatly appreciate it.

ACTH stim test
base ACTH 12 (15-66)
base cortisol 9 (5-25)
cortisol post stim 28.8 (5-25)
ionized calcium 1.15 (1.15-1.32)
recent 24 hour urine calcium less than 29 (100-300)

For years I have had low potassium,anemia, b12 deficiency, vit d insufficiency, osteoporosis (Iam only 41) hypothyroid, gluten intolerant, breathing issues, weight loss from 135 to 100, vitiligo, fatigue, hair loss (axillary and legs), pancreatitis, low blood sugar, I was progesterone deficient during pregnancy and had to take progesterone injections, I also have weakness and now losing a lot of muscle mass. I need help as my endocrinologist is only worried about my hypothyroid and osteoporosis and not investigating any further into all my other symptoms. She said my ACTH stim test was completely normal even though the bast ACTH is below normal range.
Suggestions anyone? :)

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