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I've been reading a book by Dr. Tintera, written in the 1950's called "Hypoadrenocorticism," in which he says that the best way to treat the condition is with ACE (adrenal cortical extract)....which was available at the time, but no longer (as far as I know, anyway). Cortisol supplements were available, but he explains that its foolhardy to try to replace 32 hormones with just one (or two, if you include fludrocortisone), and how this can cause major endocrine imbalances. This sounds a lot like the people who don't feel any better on T4 for thyroid vs. using dessicated (whole)thyroid products. Seems like the lack of ACE in the marketplace is a real tragedy.

I tried 15 to 20 mg HC myself, but it didn't help. In fact it seemed to mess up my eyes. I also got very sick while on it. I've tried glandulars, but maybe not enough? Not sure if Isocort was much better. Does anyone have any experience using the liquid sublingual ACE extracts? I'll bet they're nothing like the old ACE products that used to be available...

Thanks for any comments,

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