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You did not say what your cortisol level actually is. What number is it? You very likely can have other metabolic or hormone issues going on at the same time that the doctor did not test you for. You should ask the doctor to check for all hormone levels, not just cortisol only. If you have low anything, it should be replaced. People with Addison's can have overlapping disorders such as thyroid and low female/male hormones - all of which are essential to feel better and regain strength. DHEA is a powerful hormone that when we are low on it, we can have virtually zero strength, even to lift an arm or talk. So make sure the doctor does a complete hormone panel check, include DHEA. DHEA is over the counter - but once you begin replacements, the doctor should check you at least within a month to make sure you are absorbing the hormones and whether or not the amounts need to go up or down. Keep on talking with the doctors. If you don't like how you are being treated by one, move on to another doctor. It is extremely hard to find both a competent physician and one that really cares how you are coming along. Best wishes.

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