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I have been sick for years. I have been to doctors when I had health insurance. I suppose I didn't put two and two together-nor did they. I was diagnosed with depression-which can explain nearly every symptom.

I, however, think I have some form of adrenal failure/fatigue or perhaps even Addisons. I wanted to list my symptoms for those who know about this disorder as I only know what is on the internet and not what it feels like. Also, I have no insurance now and don't know how to get tested and medicated as I also lost my job.

Never ending fatigue. Years of this, only seems to get worse. I could sleep 20/24 hours on some days.

Chronic pain, especially in legs, neck (although I have bulging disks, arthritis and bone spurs), abdomen

Chronic headaches that at times require phenergan to stop the nausea

Feeling cold all the time


When I lived in the desert, I overheated SO easily that I almost died on 4 different occasions from dehydration (was either hospitalized or blacked out)

Can't go ANYWHERE (including upstairs where kitchen isn't) without a drink in my hand (fear of thirst)

Anxiety/Startle symptoms Everything sounds loud to me

Hyperpigmentation of 3 areas on my face (I also think my gums are a lot redder than they used to be)

chronic infections or illness (I will catch anything and everything)

trouble breathing (asthma? I use an inhaler)

low blood pressure

dizziness upon standing


pain in joints

pain in my eyes when I look to one side or the other without turning my head

breast lumps regularly (luckily all benign)

caffeine dependant to stay awake and still used to almost fall asleep at work

Trouble falling asleep at night as I seem to "wake up" when I should be sleepiest; then can't wake up in the am

I would say the worst thing is the fatigue.

I have given you tons here, but I wanted to be thorough. I live currently in the Norfolk area of Virginia. I desperately need help. Please give me your opinions!

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