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Hi guys,I would like to get your input on my symtoms.I have had Addison's for about 23 years.For most of my life I suffered with low energy,salt cravings,tan skin, and some blackouts .I have went into crisis a few times.But for the past five years I have experienced very severe symtoms.Now when they first started coming on I thought it was something else entirely .I have had multiple workups in endocrinology,neurology,cardiology and gastro and the doctors still just don't have any answers for me.All of my tests have been coming back normal.
O. K. here are my new symptom:Hot And cold flash's,headaches,severe tremors and muscle twitching,a feeling of vibrating,rapid heart rate,palpations,dilated pupils,extremely high blood pressure,skin color changes(from pale to as much as green),abdominal pain,when sweating a very strange odor .A severe tightening of my musels.And there were some more but cant remember.For the most part they come on in spells that can last a few hours to weeks of suffering .I can go up to a year without having the severe spell but in between I will have the normal Addison symptoms but with muscle twitching,tremors, palpitations,cluster like headaches and abdominal pain.When I go threw the severe spells it feels nothing like an adrenal crisis I used to go threw.When it happens my blood pressure is very high not low like with a crisis.All my levels are normal when the severe spells happen.The doctors and ERs have only recorded the high blood pressure and rapid heart rate and sometimes low potassium but everything else comes back normal and they right it off as me having a panic attack or just plain crazy .I don't buy that one bit I know my body well and I have had real panic attacks before and this is nothing like it.They just want to tell me something so they don't look cluless.So what do you think could this be Addison's related or something more?

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