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A friend went to see an endo (a pituitary expert) with symptoms listed below. His base cortisol, taken at 8 am, was [B]6 ug/dl pre injection [/B](he never got the ACTH test). The endo told him that everything was normal, and did not warrant further testing. However the cortisol seems oddly low and then there are the symptoms listed below.

* Light headedness when standing up
* Intolerance of normal food, resulting in migraine headaches, fatigue and more (Doesn't cortisol help regulate metabolic functions?)
* Weight loss (due to above)
* Salt cravings (and excessive 'salt waste' during workouts)
* Chronic fatigue
* Severe migraine headaches
* Depression, anxiety and irritability
* Brain fog: impaired cognition, memory
* Recent episodes of GI disturbances (thought to be food poisoning and possible stomach flu): two episodes within 6 weeks

* Severe photophobia; abnormal pupil dialation: puplis dialate but don't constrict quickly, and are of different size (supposedly salt/potassium imbalance cause that).

What do you guys think? Pls help! Thank you!

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