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I have addison's and had all the symptoms you have mentioned plus some others- the most notable were extreme fatigue, balace issues from very low blood pressure with a few falls, intolerance to heat and cold, and no tolerance for stress. Anything that stresses the body needs the body to produce cortisone and I wasn't producing enough to handle normal body stressors. I would ask to be referred to an endocrinologist for testing, but may need a referral from your primary doc. The symptoms tend to get worse as time goes on if treatment is needed and not started. My daughter also has adrenal insufficiency/most likely the beginning of addison's and is seeing an endo for frequent monitoring but has not started hydrocortisone yet. We both have hashimoto's throiditis and take thyroid repacement medication. This was also picked up by the endo.
My iron levels have recently been high so I was tested for hemochromatosis but have one gene and apparently need two.
A third thing which can cause a tanning effect is too much vitamin A or betacarotene.
Last year I was drinking a lot of carrot juice and my overall increased tanning was very noticable. People were asking if I had gone on a winter vacation to a southern climate. This type of tan has an orange, reddish tint.
My betacarotene levels were three times the normal range but vitamin A levels were normal. The high betacarotene levels won't hurt you, but docs told me to stop drinking the carrot juice. I was told by my endo that vitamin A/betacarotene is not metabolized as it should be if you have thyroid issues so it will accumulate at a more rapid rate and that I need to watch the amount of foods and vitamins that I take containing vitamin A and betacarotene. She also said she wishes her intern had been with her the day she saw me, as she doesn't see the beta carotene tan very often. I already had my test results when I saw her so she knew the increased tanning was beta carotene.
In answer to your question, the tan from addison's did fade after I was on hydrocortisone, fludrocortisone, and DHEA for a while. It got worse with the carrot juice but for a different reason and now has faded again but I still look very lightly tanned, a very natural look and close to my original skin tone.
I do wear sunscreen and a hat with visor or rim and don't stay out in the sun very long as I still tan from the sun very easily as I always have.
Hope this helps.

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