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Hi, I had the new ACTH test done on Nov 5, 2009. My results are as follows:

4.5 base
18 after 1/2 hr
22 after 1 hr

resuting in ACTH of 9

My endo said my adrenal glands are completely asleep. She started me on 7.5 mg of cortisol once a day and will slowly ween me off over the next 4-6 months to hopefully wake them up.

I feel terrible. Last week I thought I was dying, could barely put one foot in front of the other. It took everything I had to focus to get dressed. It was like I had to tell my brain to pull my pants up, etc. Its as if I have a cloud between me and everything I'm trying to do and I can't get thru the cloud.

I also have fibromyalgia and hypothyroidism which doesn't help.

I give myself B-12 injections twice a week and if I miss one or am late I can definitely tell. I also take 1000 mg of vit c, 4000 units vit D, lithium salt 20 mg (2 x day), magnesium, malic acid, 500 vit E, and just started taking raw bovine adrenal glands in pill form once a day.

Friday I had an appt w/ my PCP and asked him if he had any recommendations as to what to do cuz I felt so bad and he said no once they die off they die off! I started crying immediately. No one ever told me that.

Ok, well, feedback is appreciated, compare our stories or whatever. I need the support and I'm sure you do too.

thanks all and good luck to you!


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