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Your wife is going to be very tired if she has adrenal disease. She will also have zero tolerance to temperature. Check her temperature. My guess is that her normal body temperature is lower than 98.6. She will feel like she's cold a lot. She also may be anemic. She absolutely needs to be on hydrocortisone/cortisone. If she's having side effects from the drug than have her take lower doses of the drug more often. She could be in an adrenal crisis's constantly which could be causing her to be hyper-sensitve to everything including her medication. What symptoms is she having which makes her feel that she can't tolerate the medication. These medications have huge side effects if they are not administered properly. What dose is she on and what was her cortisol level? Is she thirsty all the time? Is she having weakness in her body especially in the legs. Does she feel that at times her heart races and at other times her blood pressure is dropping out from under her? Is she having symptoms of hypoglycemia? What is her blood pressure? Has she been tested for Hypothyroid? My gut instinct tells me that she has Schmidt's Syndrome which is an autoimmune disease which attacks the endocrine organs. It is very deadly if it is not caught early. Look it up on the web to see if her symptoms are similar. Does she get sick a lot. When she gets sick does it end up in her lungs? Does she have problems with her gut? Adrenal disease can cause problems with the digestion and the absorption of food. Is her weight normal or is her weight high or low.
As you know, adrenal disease is very deadly and it effects every cell in your body. You need to get her to a good doctor very quickly!!!! If you live in New Jersey you may need to go to the chief of endocrinology at University of Pennsylvania Hospital in Philedelphia for help. If you live closer to New York City then I recommend that you go to the chief of Endocrinology at New York's Colombia Presbitarian Hopsital. You need to take her to a hospital who deals with very complex problems as your wife's disease is very complex and very rare. I am very concerned about your wife!!!! She needs help immediately!! Email me soon! I have this disease and I understand it like no other person. I can help you with the help of a good doctor! Get her to a good doctor immediately or she will die!!!

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