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Try using cortisone instead. Have her take smaller doses more often. If her doctor is prescribing say 24 mg of hydrocortisone than have him do the cortisone equivilent and take the total dose and divide it by 6. It's better for her to take smaller doses more often. Hormones work better if they are delivered in a consisitant manner especially patients with adrenal problems. Not having enough or having an inconsistant amount of steroids in your system can lead to an adrenal crisis. If your wife is having problems with the hydrocortisone than maybe she is in an adrenal crisis often. Being in an adrenal crisis will make you more sensitive to everything!
If your wife is having problems with her blood pressure, feeling weak and lightheaded, having dizziness and headaches, and or being unbelievably thirsty than chances are that the internal part of her adrenal gland is failing her. If this is the case have her doctor put her on a low dose of Florinef and see how she feels. The internal part of your adrenal gland(the medulla) stabilizes the exterior part of her adrenal gland( the cortex) Hydrocortisone treats the exterior part of her adrenal gland.
Doctors do not understand this illness like a patient who has the disease! If you want to keep your wife alive I suggest that you focus on several things.

1. Controlling blood sugar- make sure that her blood sugar does not go down to fast or it can trigger an adrenal crisis. Avoid using glucose in a crisis unless you only have three minutes before a severe crisis because it will cause her blood sugar to go down too fast. Try Muscle Milk Light Bars. These bars will get her blood sugar up within ten minutes and the protein will prevent her blood sugar from going down too fast.

2. Steroids- She needs to be taking cortisone/hydrocortisone on a consistant basis. She will also need some fast acting cortisone/hydrocortisone in case her stress level goes up and she needs more medicine on an urgent basis. If she needs to be on Florinef, than have a compounding pharmacy make a sublingual form of the drug so that it can be working in her body within 10 minutes.

3. Hydration- She needs to be well hydrated. If she is not well hydrated, it can effect her blood pressure.

4. Thyroid- Make sure her thyroid is working effectively. If her thyroid is hyper it will cause her to require more steroids plus it can increase her heart rate. If her thyroid is slow than it will cause her to be very tired and it will, again, change how many steroids that she needs.

5. Avoid Stimulants- taking stimulants like caffeine can change how your thyroid works plus stimulants put stress on the adrenal gland.

6. Lifestyle Management- Avoid stress, especially physical stress

7. Allergies- Keep allergies under control as not doing so adds stress to the body.

8. Hypopituitarism- Be aware that adrenal problems can effect the pituitary gland by slowing it down. Have this area checked. She may need to be on supplemental hormones for her pituitary gland.

These suggestions have worked well for me. I am not a doctor and my advice is not to be used as a substitute for management or care from a medical professional. Good luck

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