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Re: Please help
Jan 11, 2010
[QUOTE=lulu2008;4160483]Thank you for your reply. I am sure my doctor thinks I am a hypochondriac, the thing is, before I had kids I never went to the doctor, I was never sick. It was after my daughter was born and more so after my second (my son) was born that I just felt like something was wrong. I never used to feel fatigued, have joint pain, nausea, etc. I am requesting some labs from a new doctor tomorrow, what do you think I should ask? I was thinking am cortisol, acth, b-12, vitamin d, and maybe just a cbc and metabolic panel? I am also asking for a referral to an endo.[/QUOTE]

Have in do a cbc,b-12,vitamin-d, metabolic panel, cortisol and aldosterone, a cortisol stimulation test, have him check the all the levels of the hormones that your pituitary gland produces, have in check your t-lymphocytes level(an AIDS test)(it will tell you if you are having problems in your Thymus) and have him check for Diabetes/Hypoglycemia, have him check any or all of your vitamin levels and have him check for anemia.
Re: Please help
Jan 13, 2010
sounds to me that your thyroid is misfiring and being erratic. I would be concerned about going on Synthroid at this point because I don't see that your Thyroid is consistantly low and if you go on too much synthroid it can cause severe problems. I believe that your thyroid problem is coming from your adrenal gland. You need to have your doctor check your aldosterone and cortisol levels. Your doctor also needs to order a ACTH cortisol stimulation test to test for an adrenal insufficiency. Have your doctor check your pituitary gland to make sure that it is working correctly. Your doctor needs to check you for Diabetes/Hypoglycemia. Your doctor also needs to check you for vitamin deficiencies particularly iron, vitamin b-12, vitamin-D and potassium. I suspect that you have an autoimmune disease called Schmidt's Syndrome which will attack your endocrine organs. If this is the case than you will find that any or all of your endocrine organs will slow down or stop working. It's important to get diagnosed and treated early because it is a deadly disease if not caught early. The good news is that if you get the proper treatment, your body can recover completely and you can get your life back!

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