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i Was reading your post and have had many symptoms like yours self, I have primary addison's well as myoclonus & anticardiolipin syndrome & IBS amongst others many many things going wrong with me including neuro problems.

I'm no Doctor, But like yours self my potassium levels are low also my Vitamin D levels were none existent at one stage MY BP is now very high which use to be low,. if all your electero imbalances are out of whack your going to feel so ill..

I also suffer with all the other symptoms you are having and more, my heart goes out to you.

I have the chest pain like you are describing and i was wondering if you have had your B12 levels checked checked at all? As mine was extremely low and these can cause some of the symptoms you are showing, i must say since they found out i am B12 deficient and am having the B12 injections the chest pain has gone away but i know when i need another B12 shot as the chest pain comes back with the shortness of breath fatigue muscle pain, cramps, and intense fatigue, head aches blurry vision and much much more .

If you haven't had your B12 Levels tested please get it checked its really important, its a simple blood test and may help some of your symptom's.

Please let me know how you get on ....

Big hugs cheryl :wave:

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