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[QUOTE=Toni83;4169118]Hi, well long story short, i have had lots and lots of blood tests. Recently my chiropractor told me to go to a natrapath and get him to look in my eyes, as i am waiting to be sick again to do more blood tests. The natrapath said that what is making me sick is my cortisol levels. I then rang the doctor and he said that i had been tested for that and it was abnormal but i have to do more tests. I have done them now but am waiting for the results. He said that he thought that it might be addisons disease. After going on google and looking at this blog, some of my symptoms are the same but some are different, here they are:
[*]I feel sick alot
[*]I feel tired alot
[*]but sometime find it hard to go to sleep at night
[*]have trouble concentrating at times
The main problem doesnt make sense: When i feel hungry, i feel sick and if i dont eat, i throw up alot. I get very hot in my face and sweat. I feel very weak and get cramps in my stomache. I dont feel better and stop throwing up until i sleep. And even then i still wake up to throw up. I can avoid getting this bad if i eat. But sometimes this isnt possile. I also bloat all the time. Every morning i wake up with a sore tummy cos i have to pee so bad. I know this is weird, but can anyone relate to this? I just want to feel better. I have been doing tests for 3 years. Hopefully these new test results will show something.


My son was exactly the same he would pee on himself on the way to the bathroom in the morning crying that his tummy hurt if your cortisol levels are low you need to get on the correct medications because this disease is life threatening so don't wait. And his eating was similar he wouldn't be hungry till after he would trough up then he felt like he was starving.

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