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DHEA help anyone?
Feb 7, 2010
Anyone here have good experiences with DHEA?
I took it for the first time today. I have chronic epstein barr virus (chronic fatigue syndrome) and as of right now an unknown connective tissue autoimmune disease (i have an apt w/ the rheumy on the 18th of this month, hopefully I will find out what it is soon).
I don't know if it is just the 'placebo' effect, but I already feel so much better. Normally, I hurt all over and my legs and arms ache and get very weak after short use. I started to see a difference w/n 30min. I CAN WALK AND USE MY ARMS!!!
I was formally a gym rat and heavy weight lifter. Whatever is wrong with me has literally knocked me on my ***.
I will keep you informed on how it continues to work for me!! I'm praying this is the miracle I needed.
I have been taking 50mg per day for more than a year now. I find that it lifts my spirits but nothing more than that.
They say that DHEA is a master hormon precursor which creates Testosterone and others?
It stimulates the adrenal glands. It is a precursor to the production of cortisol, estrogen and testosterone. There are many reasons people may lack adequate DHEA. Age and autoimmune disease are among these.
To0 much DHEA can have adverse effects. I am unsure of how much is too much. I started taking it a few days ago. However, I decided to stop taking it until I see the rheumy in two days. I don't want their use to cause doc's to miss something in blood work. Not sure if it will make a difference or not but after waiting this long I don't want to take the chance.
I am male, early 40s, primary Addison's. I have been taking 50 mg/day for about two years. The effects are subtle but distinct -- improved well-being, a bit more energy, definite increase in lean body mass over time (I build muscle more easily than I have since I was a teen), no downsides that we've been able to detect. I use the time-release 25 mg tablets from GNC -- taking the non-time-release stuff all at once first thing in the morning makes me feel kind of overcaffeinated.
I have been taking 12.5mg since December. I cannot quite describe why I feel a wee bit better but I do. I'd like to work back up to 25mg but my normally dry skin and hair became so oily I looked like a teenager. Increased libido, for sure, on the 25mg does. Not noticeable on the 12.5mg.
My morning cortisol is low and my nighttime cortisol is elevated. It was "normal" 3-4pm based on a all-day saliva test. Since it is low in the morning (but not quite as low as full-blown addison's), is DHEA okay to take every morning, even if I am going on testosterone replacement shots for low-T?

Also, at what point would someone want to explore HGH or HCG for adrenal/hormonal issues that are common with addisons or at least low morning cortisol levels????

I used 25 mg for several months. I felt it helped. However I developed sleep problems that were eased by stopping DHEA. I read that DHEA can cause sleep problems. I think only by trying it for yourself for a while you can determine if it will work for you.
I think it is best to have your DHEA level tested. The test is DHEA-S I believe but am not quite sure. That way you can see where your levels are before you start.
[QUOTE=DIAL;4180543]Anyone here have good experiences with DHEA?[/QUOTE]

Yes, I think it really helps,,,overall I felt much better,,,I take 50 mg every evening,,,

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