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I've just got my ASI test result.
Can you give me an interpretation, please?
Cortisol (nmol/l)
1st 6.7 very low (12 - 22)
2nd 4.4 low ( 5 - 9)
3rd 2.2 low ( 3 - 7 )
4th 1.0 normal ( 1 - 3 )

daily cortisol 14.3 (range 21 - 41 )


2nd 3.91 high
3rd 4.49 high

DHEA/Cortisol Ratio 29.37 high

I'm gonna see my GP tomorrow.
He put me on Citalopram (20 mg morning) and Mirtazapine (15 mg before bed) before I went to him and I was having difficulty to stay asleep, anxiety, photo sensitivity, fasciculation and I was feeling tired especially after 6 pm.
I've been on AD for 3 months now and I feel a bit better but I had the impression that my adrenal was the problem after this test.

I had a neurological check and it was negative. I had also an MRI scan to my head and nothing come out.

Thanks in advance

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