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Hi folks,

So long story short I am a 28 year old male with hypopituitaryism. I'm on a laundry list of hormones for that... and have been for a while now. I've felt a lot better since being on replacement hormones.

But one thing I've never been able to kick is the wicked fatigue. Really bad raccoon eyes with dark circles around them too. I've been on a wide dose of HC over the years from 40MG down to as low as 10 (for secondary AI flatlined cortisol), and honestly outside of the morning dose (and even then), I don't notice much a difference on energy being on it.

Anyways I think I figured it out but I need some opinion. Recently did a 24 hour urine analysis where I came back with a low aldosterone (and high salt wasting) level of 3.9 in a range of 6-26. After doing a bunch of research I think my symptoms are starting to match up:

- very frequent urination
- significant fatigue and crashes (rollercoaster)
- intense salt cravings at all times of the day
- muscle spasms
- dark circles under eyes (dehydration?)
- night sweats/sweating
- poor response to HC

I've had the above for as long as I've had pituitary problems and tried EVERYTHING to fix these issues.

I need some opinions, could Florinef be the answer for me? I am so scared to get my hopes up but it just sounds too related.

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