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Re: Why oh why???
Mar 27, 2010
[QUOTE=sochar;4213181]I understand what you mean, the cause for these things could possibly be the same. I think the problem is they don't really know for sure what causes autoimmune diseases and other mystery syndromes. There are genetic links but also there are triggers such as defficiencies, viruses, etc.

My cortisol levels were low (lower than the bottom of the reference range) on the saliva test for the whole day but normal when I had a blood test. I've read that people with Addisons would have very low levels throughout the day, but I think this would be when they were getting to the crisis stage. I don't know what the tests would look like for someone who is in the early stages of the disease. It'd be interesting to know if anyone here suffering from it ever had the saliva test.

Have you looked into Cushing's Syndrome? I think that is associated with elevated night time cortisol levels.[/QUOTE]

well i know about cushings, but I thought is was elevated cortisol all the time? Morning lower than normal cortisol and slightly higher midnight levels than normal should be adrenal fatigue shouldn't it???

I am so confused, but I can tell you I feel weak and like wearing a lead suit on & of until lunchtime or so, then normal to bad in the afternoon (mostly bad), and then anxiety and trouble sleeping & light sleep at night...

It is a vicious cycle and my salvia cortisol test was almost backwards as it should normally be. lower than normal in AM and higher than normal that cushings?

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