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I'm wondering if anyone else has problems with sleeping through the night. I can't remember the last time I slept for more than a couple of hours straight, and it seems to be getting worse. And I usually don't feel good when I wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning. Seems to be lots of low cortisol symptoms: nausea, needs to eat some carbs & salt, headache, etc. I always assume it's that I need more cortisol, but I take 4mg prednisone around 9:30pm. I would think that would get me through the night. Or maybe I'm waking up because of taking the cortisone before bed. I don't think so as the reason why I started to take it later at night was that I was definitely waking up in steroid withdrawal when I used to take a lower dose and take it earlier in the evening. That was why I started to take it later at night. Does anyone else take cortisone late at night? Does it interfere w/ your sleep? Does anyone else wake up during the night and need to eat carbs, take steroid, etc.? I'm at a loss.... and do not have much of a life because of it, and am not currently working due to lots of complications w/ Addison's, but especially this sleep deprivation. And my doc is not much help. I have found that most docs don't really "get" this disease, and think that it ought to be easily managed with corticoids.... end of story. Ha! Not that easy. So I find it much more helpful to ask others who also live with this condition.

Thanks so much for anything any of you can share...

Be well... sleep well....
I have EXACTLY this problem. I am secondary but have been getting worse since my diagnosis. I only manage on 20,10,10 dosing and now i cannot even do any physical exertion and have totally lost any quality of life (i was as an olympic squad member until i got ill).

I am positive it is due to running low on cortisol during the night and have tried a few methods to control this but not been succesful (late night extra HC or even trying pred).

The reason for getting hypo symptoms at night is that when the body fasts (ie over night) and has no immediate source of carbs this causes the adrenals to put out cortisol which stimulates the liver to convert stored glycogen into glucose and release it into the blood stream to keep he level normal. Obviously with diminished orno cortisol to do this we cant correct falling blood levels.

During the day im typicall not hungry but no matter what i eat before bed i have almost every night for a few months now woken up needing to eat carbs, i have tried bglucose tabs or simiar but these dont seem to help as much as say some bread. Its worrying because i actually end up overeating on junk at night and with not being able to exercise anymore i am gaining weight. Aside from that i havent had a good night sleep or slept for more than 2 hours continually for about a year.

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