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[QUOTE=pacerpilot;4207003]You can eat all the bananas you want, they won't hurt you at all. What do you mean by "each time I have went to the ER"? Why are you going there? I've had Addisons since I was 12 and only go to the "ER" when I break something (like my back/neck, leg, shoulder, etc). Once I drank way too much-that sucked. If anything your potasium will go high as a result of dehydration, not low.[/QUOTE]

I have been to the ER with atrial fibrillation; earlier this month they had to shock me to get my heart back into normal is my under standing that addison's disease is a severe form of adrenal fatigue where you are mostly bed-ridden...BUT, it is possible to have varying degrees of adrenal fatigue with Addison's being the worst kind.

My nutitional counciler believes that I am suffering from adrenal fatigue and a thyroid saliva cortisol levels show adrenal issues...I am trying to piece it all together, and since I have read that people with Addison's generally have high potassium, and mine was low in the ER, I was confused if I really have adreanl problems, then why was my potassium low and not high?

I have read potassium can drop with stress so maybe because I was in distress it was low? I have very low energy, and bouts most days as if I literally feel as if I am wearing a suit made of lead weights...Is this indicitive of adrenal fatigue???

As for the bananas and prunes, I try to mix them with some protein now; will that help the glycemic thing?

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