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I will not say the name of the company or website, but I have adrenal fatigue and a lady I am working with told me to take Dynamite Adrenal, in addition to some other things..I need people's input in case this is a bad recommendation...I do not want to make things worse than they are.

Also, in my saliva hormone tests, it showed my DHEA as high, but they want me to take DHEA because they said this was artifically high or something like that???

Cortisol was "normal" at 3:30pm, both otherwise was off the other 3 times checked during the day. In the morning, it was half waht it should be, in the evening it was too high! Is this similar to pre-addisons adrenal fatigue...I feel as if I am wearing a lead suit most of the time and very fatigued!

thx in advance

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