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Please do not give up.

I am around the same age as you, female and my symptoms are identical, right down to the weight loss over the past few months.

I was diagnosed with MS six years ago, then I demanded a second opinion as my tests were all normal and symptoms didn't fit MS. Everyone disagreed about what was wrong with me then surprise surprise, like you, they tried to imply that it was psychological. When I ask for pain meds, my notes imply that I am a drug addict, despite the fact that I have had a professional career for over a decade, along with a professional degree and no history of drug addiction or psychological issues. There is NO basis for these assertions.

Anyway, I gave up for a few years and suffered terribly until recently I could take no more and was at rock bottom with severe fatigue, pain, stiffness, sweating, shortness of breath, overheating and pain in my back and legs. So, I got myself a new GP, went along and told my story and asked if he would take me as a patient. He was fantastic and immediately arranged a full blood panel and said if needed he would refer me to an endocrinologist.

I had my bloods done on Monday this week and the new GP called me Wednesday and said I had low cortisol and he was arranging an immediate Short Synacthen test.

In short, I feel so sorry for you and know exactly what you are going through. Do not allow them to write you off as "mentally ill" - they have no basis for this. A failure on their part to diagnose or even try to diagnose, potentially rare disorders, does not constitute random unfounded assertions of mental illness. In fact, their failure to look at other avenues is remiss, if not negligent.

Normal ACTH test doesn't mean you don't have adrenal failure, there are other tests and other conditions that have to be considered. By the way, I have also sat there in tears and insisted look I know something is wrong with me, I am too tired to go to work, or to do anything and I am not depressed, if anything I'm desperate to do more with my life but I can't. When you cry in front of them, they resort to terms like "conversion" and make out that you are ill because you are depressed and it is manifesting as physical symptoms. All nonsense of course and provides a nice easy get out for the baffled/incompetent/can't be arsed/won't spend money range of clinicians out there. Tell them they are showing clear signs of CBA disorder. CAN'T BE ARSED!

I think you need to do what I did, start again, find a new GP and start from the start. I could help you with this if you want to PM me, or even if you want to chat for a bit of support from someone who totally understands.

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