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Hi there.

I'm 33 and ever since I had my daughter i haven't felt started with my thyroid and then it was my potassium and i was on potassim replacement and eating a bunch of potassium as well. Then one day I thought it was stupid since I'm young and being crazy about my potassium intake so I quit. I think during that time I was covering up something that was happening inside of my body. Because when I potassium went low...very low 2.7, 2.9, 3.1. I went to the doctor of course...a good one and they found my aldosterone to be high, renin and my iron is low mag is low DHEA is high, vitamin D is low, thyroid is low and sometimes my calcium and sodium is low. Not really low, just below normal by a bit. Now, my blood pressure is all over the place and I have read that that has to do with fluid loss and then I have also read that high renin can cause high BP and not too good for the vascular system. My doctor did the suppression test to measure my cortisol. I don't really know what to think about all of this other than it's pretty complicated. I wish they would scan my pituatary gland, adrenals and test my glands to see how they're functioning. There are abnormalities,,,i'm not totally crazy. Any suggestions? I'm frustrated and tired!

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