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I just got my test results back from the endo, he wont tell me anything other then i need more tests. I am driving myself crazy wondering where this is going , and hoping this doctor knows what he is doing. Anyway my test results are.....
cortisol,random 4.5
acth 7 with alittle 3 at the right top side (not
sure what that means, and no reference )
aldosterone,serum <1.6 with a little 4 at right top side.
(again not sure what that means)
TSH Ultrasens 1.739 reference 0.350-5.350
Free T4 1.07 reference 0.89 1.76
T3 Uptake 36.0 reference 23.0 37.0
FTI (T7) 2.4 reference 1.4 -5.2
T4 6.6 reference 4.7-11.4
I also had several other things that were out of reference on my cbc and chemistry.
Hematocrit 45.2 H reference 34.5 - 44.0
MCH 31.0 reference 27.0 - 31.0
Urobilinogen 0.2 reference 0.2 - 1.0
Chloride 108 H reference 98 - 107
Carbon Dioxide 34 H reference 20 - 31
AST 6 L reference 8-33
The doctor told me i had some things out of range , but he wouldn't tell me what he thought , just said he would need to do more tests, so..... i'm driving myself crazy wondering what is going on. I am soooo very tired, hurt all over , dizzy ,weak, sick to my stomach all the time and lots of stuff. Please if anyone knows anything about these tests or what he might want to do next , please let me know. Oh and also the last time i seen him he scanned my thyroid and said i have a nodule about 1 cm , don't know if this has anything to do with it. To me all my thyroid tests looked ok.Anyway thanks to anyone who would take a guess or any suggestions. Thanks Abby
I see a few people have looked at my post , but no one has wrote...i guess i'll just have to wait until i go back on thursday. I was just really hoping that someone that has been through this might know something that would shed some light on these tests .I'm still hoping to hear from someone .... i sooo feel like nobody understands and i get so tired of complaining but it is hard to sit and watch the world go by and not feel like being a part of it.

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