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Hi all.. I am new to this whole thryoid/adrenal thing and I am really confused! Here are some of my test results...

Free T4 1.18 (.82-1.77)
TSH 1.1 (.5-4.5)
Cortisol 17.6 @ noon (2.3-11.9)
T3 141 (71-180)
sedimentation Rate 6 (0-20)
thyroid stim immunoglobulin are still out

PREVIOUS Test (2 weeks earlier)
Free T4 .8 (.82-1.77)
TSH .8 (.5-4.5)

1 Month ago DHEA-S 288 (45 - 270)

Typically someone would have high cortisol low DHEAS or vice versa. AND if someone had high TSH they would have low Free T4 or vice versa. Why are mine low/low and adrenal elevated/elevated? What could this be? I do have most of the hypothyroidism symptoms... exhaustion, rapid weight gain, dry itchy skin, dry hair, nails constantly breaking etc. But I see now that those are also symptoms of adrenal gland issues.

any one have any idea what is wrong with me!?!? I feel crazy with all of these symptoms and the test all coming back all over the place.

I would GREATLY appreciate any insight, ideas or feedback you have to offer!!!

Thank you in advance!!!!!!!!

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