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May 15, 2010
I would like to ask about people's experience of fatigue and adrenal problems? I have been experiencing monsterous fatigue and drowsiness for just over a year now, which a long list of different doctors have failed to provide any explanation of. However, I recently asked for a number of blood tests, one of which was morning cortisol levels. The other day, I found a message on my answer phone from my GP asking me to book an appointment to have the cortisol blood test repeated. Clearly there was something wrong with the first one, but I do not know if it was high or low.

The background to this is that I was on a corticosteroid, prednisolone, for 18 months because of lung problems caused by another medication I was on for the previous six months. During the time on prednisolone I developed various signs of Cushings, including huge weight gain (20 kg), and a typical moon face. I first remember the fatigue setting in after my first decrease in prednisolone dose from 30mg to 20mg. I gradually tapered, and finally came off prednisolone in January this year. Along the way I assumed the fatigue was related to each dose reduction, and assumed things would return to normal once completely off. However, this dreadful fatigue is still there.

Having now found that there is still something wrong with my cortisol levels, although I do not know which way, I think I may finally have found the piece of the jigsaw that was missing. My fatigue is usually focussed around my eyes, which feel permanently tired. It does not seem to make a difference how much sleep I get, I always wake up exhausted. I also tend to wake up early each morning feeling really tense. I also sweat profusely during even the lightest of physical activity.

Any thoughts or comments very welcome.

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