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Yea weight has always been an issue, either too thin or too chubby. I am 26 now and was diagnosed at age 20, before I was diagnosed I never was more than 100 pounds, ( and I'm 5 feet 6 inches) I got as low as 79 pounds. Then when they found I had addisons I went all the way up to 145 pounds, then they switched me on prednisone and I was 120 and stayed there for years. Then I had a baby, and I'm 130 and I've had a really hard time losing the baby weight. But I find if you feel good, heck a few extra pounds shouldn't make you too depressed, heck you have a very rare and complex disease and your lucky to have found out what you had. Just do the best you can do on working out, and get the steroids in the right dosage, and that's all you can do, it's not her fault she's gaining weight, just tell her to be patient and she'll level out, and be at a good weight.:p It just takes time.

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