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Please help
May 23, 2010
I have addison's disease (diagnosed Nov. 2009..40 mg hydrocortisone split 3 times a day, and fludrocortisone .1mg once a day). I have yet to get a handle on this disease. I live in is hot here (90's), and my job as a meter reader requires me to be outside all day. I stay hydrated, and my salt intake is through the roof. I take frequent breaks, yet I am always ending up in the ER. Friday I had to go to the ER because I was confused, numb and tingling on my left side( this happens alot) and my face was drooping on the left side also (also happens alot). After cardio, and stroke work up was done and those ruled out, and a ct I got a hot of steroid, and a dextrose drip, regained my strenghth and was released to follow up with my dr. on Monday. Does anyone else have these things happening to them? Maybe i should try Prednisone????? any advise or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Re: Please help
Jul 31, 2010
Im in KY. I do take Prednisone. I do all the same things as u do. Right now Im eating Brine pickles with a ton of salt on top. I think its time for one of those ER trips for me. Sometimes I have periods where I dont have to go very often, but in summer its very frequent. Sorry wish I had better news for u. Take care of yourself.

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