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[QUOTE=sue1234;4252194]I have recently had a slightly high potassium level, just barely over normal. I do not have Addison's, but have lightheadedness, wacky b/p, and more similar issues. What i would like to know from you Addisonians is, I know you tend to have higher potassium because of your disease. So, what I was wondering was, did you tend to feel worse when you ate things high in potassium, such as bananas and other fruit? I don't normally eat fruit, and when I do, the next day I seem more fatigued, more lightheaded. It may have nothing to do with the fruit--do y'all have an problem with it?[/QUOTE]

Foods high in potassium such as fruit (especially bananas and dried figs) make adrenal fatigue worse.

Isn't this odd, that if you have adrenal fatigue, which can lead to Addisons, your bp actually drops when you stand up. I did the 'at home' tests and two of them showed me positive for adrenal fatigue. The bp test and the scrape the belly test.

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