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I have been on and off prednisone , (mostly on) for the last couple of years because of my asthma. I am an RN and have studied everything regarding steroids I know the longer you're on them they start to depress the adrenal glands If it continues too long then the adrenal glands shut down and will not produce any cortisol again. I developed chronic pancreatitis from lithotrypsey for a kidney stone. This has added a nother stress to my body. Realize that all stress take a part in using our cortisol The body cannot tell the difference between good or bad stresses. Chronic conditions keep our bodies depleted of cortisol so when we get sick we need supplements to get through. So since I have developed the pancreatitis its been very difficult to get off the prednisone. I have been off the prednisone for 2 weeks now and sleep most of the day and night. Evry joiny aches and my pain in my pancreatitis is flaring and my asthma is flaring. I had no choice but to start back on prednisone and I'm facing the fact that I may have to take them the rest of my life. I hate it. I have gained so much weight. I have severe osteoporosis from prednisone use as well as diabetes I also have cataracts in both eyes. I appreciate the anger and disappointman all of you are going through Please if any of you start any new therapies please report it this thread God bless all of you, Patty:angel::angel::angel:

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