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Back Again
Jun 4, 2010
I'm new and posted a day or so ago, but that thread seems to be gone along with my former registration, so I re-regestered.:jester:

I've been taking Prednisone for about 3 or 4 months, as high as 140 and now I'm down to 35 plus taking isocort (about 24 a day-it supposededly contains 2.5 cortisone per pill?)

Also my blood sugar has gone comepletely out of control. I'm around 180 pounds overweight, and despite being on Prednisone have managed to lose 50 pounds using a Swartzbein kind of a diet. Except for those occastional binges I eat only hormone free meat (fish and chicken are already hormone free-probably the beef industry has enough lobbiests that they were able to get the legislators to make it okay for them to add hormones etc., but it's illegal still for pork and chicken.)

So finally this week I started on fast acting insulin, which I never needed before. YAY! Today my blood sugar is WAY better. I feel better, my breathing is better (asthma, shortness of breath, I could hardly walk or breathe 3 or 4 months ago, that's how I started on the Prednisone)

Prednisone side effects have been awful. I've develped the beginnings of cataracts, have bruises, a little blister on which the skin won't heal, my memory is awful, I experience confusion and clumbsiness, my skin is thin and rougher than it once was. MY hormones are all off, so I started taking a little extra Progesterone this week and feel a little bit better. My vision is blurry-I was reading thatPrednisone can cause myopia and the pressure in your eyes to go up, along with cataracts, so I'm going to check in with the eye doctor again, my teeth are now sensitive to cold which tells me I probably have some bone loss, and these last couple of days, if I lean my wrist down it hurts, right where the carpal tunel would be (which I had already but it was sot this bad ever before.)

Finally occured to me that if I were to lose more weight and get my blood sugar under control I could lower the Prednisone dose.

Also have anappointment to see a pulmonologist and a doctor who knows about adrenal exhaustion and can precribe natural compounded cortisol.. I want to try that and see if there are less side effects, but if that doesn't work out I can always use the regular cortisol....

This diet I'm on consists of meat, fish, chicken (not in huge amounts), veggies such as broccoli, asparagus, onions, garlic, olive oil, I'm also taking fish oil and other supplements/vitamins, am doing this asian kind of slow movement off a DVD by Lee Holden (?), have got a couple of hypnosis relaxation sleep tapes, and can now walk about a block with my walker. I eat flaxseed meal for cereal because it has virtually no carbs,with the Prednisone EVERY single bit of carbs just shoots up my blood sugar. Also a limited amount of nuts, a little bit of yogurt. And cut out all the salt I can. One good thing is I finally learned how to make my own salt free mayonaise!

I wish I had started taking care of myself like this BEFORE my body broke down. I was just running it into the ground, used to drink caffiene too, but no more.......

I honestly thought I might not recover even to THIS degree, I thought maybe that was it-I was just going to lay there in bed unable to breathe or sleep or move for the rest of my life. So I'm encouraged today.

Thanks for the place to write and hear other's experience and knowledge, I have experienced also that my family simply doesn't 'get it', although they are a bit more patient than at first. They keep urging me 'get off' thePrednisone, but you can't go faster than your body is ready.

From Emily (your body abd mind on Prednisone :dizzy:}

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