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Ok, so the short version is after having episodes of hypoglycemia and feeling unwell for a long time I was sent to an Endo. She basically thought I had insulin resistance and PCOS because I am overweight. I told her I was sure I was not IR. She got my labs back and said I am def not insulin resistant and between her and my obgyn they said it was PCOS either. My testosterone level was through the roof though (which she said explained why I can't get pregnant) It was 116 (6-82) so since I was trying to get pregnant she put me on Metformin and said that would help lower the testosterone. She also sent me to have an ACTH test and right after having that done I lost my health insurance. My results came back that my DHEA level was insane 1607 (162-995) She called to give me the results and said yes they were high but since I don't have Ins she really can't diagnose me. She wanted to have a CT of the adrenals done but I had just had one a couple months previous so she was going to try and get the radiologist to double check that (nothing but a kidney stone was found when I had it done which is what I had it done for) She told me to keep taking the Metformin and have my PCP recheck my testosterone in 6 months.

So now I am even more confused then when I started with all this. I have lots of the symptoms of Cushings but once again I am at a loss here...I have very oily skin/adult acne and hair in places it shouldn't be and this stuff is starting to really frustrate me and make me feel bad cause I feel like I am just supposed to suffer now and thats hard when obviously something is wrong :(

Anyone have a clue what this could be? Or what I should look into?

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