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I just updating my last post I did on here. I went to my endo on Wednesday and was really nervous for I was just scared he wasn't going to listen to me. Now I know I ended up with this secondary adrenal problem because I was put on prednisone in 08. Was DX'd in the end of 08 after my cardiologist did an ACHT stim test. So this endo was really nice, has adrenal patients and knows his adrenal glands ;) very well. He spend an hour with me and in a nutshell, I kept trying to tell him my pressures were VERY LOW, the day before I saw him I was 86/49. FINALLY I told him my pressuers were low for the past many many months and eating all the salt in the world wasn't helping. He sees on my aldesterone test that I was a 2 HE SAID VERY LOW. So he is fixing to prescribe the fluco pill and realizes I am on a very low does of enalapril BUT that pill can alter the aldesterone test. I am begging at this point, lol, that this is the lowest does of enalapril but he said he wants me off the meds, prescribed another in its place and will retake the aldesterone test as well as a 24 hr urine and he said[B] he was more than sure [/B]that is what I have. But I have to wait another 2 weeks :mad: He is also weaning me off the prednsone which is scary and wants to do all the tests again for the prednisone alters most of those test. He wants to put me on another drug that the prednisone. He does feel like I have addisons not the secondary. That floored me. I always my whole life blamed my fatigue on my muscular dystrophy. I was just happy I found someone listening to me but am not happy that I have to wait another 2 weeks to redo tests and wait 2 more weeks after that to see him. I just feel so bad, I don't know what a good day is. So thats my crazy update and thank you all for reading this!


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